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Due to the high financial and ecological costs of printing and distribution, the South Carolina African American History calendar is no longer widely available in printed format.

Instead, it is available to many more teachers, students and interested people in digital portable document format (PDF). With this format, you can save the calendar to your computer by downloading it, and print as many copies as you may need. By offering the calendar in a digital format, the achievements of many African Americans with roots in South Carolina can become known across the world.

Click on the calendar image to download and save it to your computer.


Click here to download the 2017 Calendar

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SC_Calendar_450Click Here to download the 2015 Calendar

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2013SCCalendarCover_300pxClick Here to download the 2013 Calendar

2012SCCalendarCover_300pxClick Here to download the 2012 Calendar
Click Here to download the 2011 Calendar

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2008CalendarCover_300px_Click Here to download the 2008 Calendar


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