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Freedom and the Court – Civil Rights and Liberties in the United States (1994)

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Rap and Hip Hop: The Voice of a Generation (1999)

New York Public Library – The Schomburg Center

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The Black Experience in Children’s Books (1971)
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Christmas GIF’: An Anthology of Christmas Poems, Songs, and Stories, Written by and About African-Americans (1993)

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South Carolina Arts Commission

South Carolina Shared Traditions: 15 Years of the Jean Laney Harris Folk Heritage Awards (2002)

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South Carolina Arts Commission

Traditional Music from the South Carolina National Heritage Corridor. (2002)

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Hopkinson, Deborah

The Band of Angels (1999)

South Carolina ETV

Gullah Traditions: Fa De Chillun (1994)

Palmetto Special: Gullah Culture (1990)

Tales from the Land of Gullah.For Kids (1999)

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I See the Rhythm (1998)

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