Lesson Activities

AT&T, with assistance from the South Carolina Department of Education, is pleased to provide samples of activities and projects for educators that will involve, entertain, and inform students of the contributions of these South Carolinian African Americans. While by no means comprehensive, these resources will hopefully assist you in your critically important role for the future of our state: teaching our children.

In order to help you find what you are looking for more quickly, we've sorted the lessons by honoree/month and also by subject. Click on the names or subjects below to find lesson plans sorted by that category. Feel inspired? Click here to submit your own activities to share!



Rock Hill Nine
Orangeburg Massacre
Charleston Hospital Strike
Establishment of Mitchelville
CSS Planter
Elmore v Rice
Pearson v Clarendon County and Briggs v Elliott
1955 Cannon Street YMCA All-Stars
Desegregation of Clemson University and the University of South Carolina
Greenville New Year’s Day March
Randolph Cemetery

English Language Arts (ELA)
Social Studies
Visual Arts
Web Resources

We'd like to thank the South Carolina Department of Education and the Educators who worked to create these wonderful lessons!

Windie Burton, 2nd Grade, Saluda Primary
Thurman Evans, 7th Grade - SS, Saluda Middle
Megerlyn Davis, 9-12 Choral Music, Florence
Anna Hodge, K-8 Visual Arts, Campobello Gramling
Britni Key, 3rd Grade, Cleveland Academy
Cameron Owens, K-6 Visual Arts, Cross Elementary
Courtney Calvo, 8th Grade ELA, Glenville Middle
Cory Terry, 7th Grade - SS, Greenville
Velita Jones, 6-8 Music, Greenville
Leron Rahynes, 8th Grade - SS, Carver Middle School
Thomasina Wolfe, 6-8 Music/Guitar, Greenville
Alexandria Russell, 8th Grade - SS, Sangaree Middle School
Amber Bouknight, 6-8 Art Batesville-Leesville MS
Sandra Davis, 9-12 ELA, Battery Creek HS
Delphine Gillard, 6-8 SS/ELA, Beaufort MS
Martay Monroe, 4th Grade ELA/SS, Richland 2
Preston Thorne, 9-12 US History, Blythewood HS
Kimberly DeReef, 6th Grade, SS Fairfield Magnet
Dawn Douglas, 3rd Grade, SS Fairfield Magnet
Robin Cleckley, Kindergarten, Round Top Elem.
Tamara Willing, K-5 Music, Round Top Elem.
Veneshia Stribling, K-5 Dance, Conder Elem Magnet
Cathy Jones-Stork, English Language Arts, SCDE
Scot Hockman, Visual and Performing Arts, SCDE
Lewis Huffman, Social Studies, SCDE

Additional Activities

  • General Activities - Additional activities to be used more broadly in the classroom for students of all ages.
  • Subject Area General Activities - Generalized activities separated into subject areas for your convenience.
  • Introduce the Honorees - Suggestions about ways to introduce these figures to the English-language arts, math, science, social studies and fine arts curricula in keeping with the current academic standards
  • Archive of Past Lesson Activities - View lesson activities that relate to honorees from the 2006-2012 calendars.
We hope you will find our suggestions helpful. If you have used other ideas effectively in your classroom, we invite you to share them with us and with our readers.

Special thanks to the South Carolina Department of Education for compiling and sharing lesson ideas and broad-based activities related to South Carolina African American History.