April Timeline


South Carolina voters approved constitution, 70,758 to 27,228, and elected state officers, including the first Black cabinet officer, Francis L. Cardozo, secretary of state. New constitution required integrated education and contained a strong bill of rights section: “Distinctions on account of race or color, in any case whatever, shall be prohibited, and all classes of citizens shall enjoy equally all common, public, legal and political privileges.”


Reconstruction came to an end in South Carolina


Senator Isaiah DeQuincey Newman was born in Clyde Township, SC. Newman was the first African American to serve in the South Carolina Senate since Reconstruction


Jasper Cureton, the first African-American appellate judge in South Carolina since reconstruction was born in Walhalla, SC


Brown vs. SC Forestry Commission case opens


Malcolm X gave an address at the Mosque in Columbia, SC


Steve Benjamin wins election with 56% of the vote becoming Columbia’s first African American mayor