December Timeline


South Carolina seceded from the Union becoming the first state to secede


Robert Blake, powder boy aboard the USS Marbelhead, was the first Black awarded the Naval Medal of Honor “for conspicuous gallantry, extraordinary heroism, and intrepidity at the risk of his own life” in a battle that occurred off the coast of South Carolina on this day


South Carolina issues one of the first set of black codes “to regulate the relations of persons of color”. Among the codes included those of illegal interracial marriages, master apprentice relations and service contracts


Joseph H. Rainey, first Black in the South Carolina House of Representatives is sworn in


Modjeska Monteith Simkins, known as the “matriarch of civil rights activists” in South Carolina was born in Columbia, SC


Annie Green Nelson, South Carolina’s first known, published, female African-American author, was born in Darlington County, SC


Casey Manning, the first African American member of the University of South Carolina’s basketball team was born


South Carolina was declared an “independent commonwealth.” BLACKS IN CONFEDERACY: Confederacy was the first to recognize that Blacks were major factors in the war


The Edwards vs. SC trial begins which was in reaction to 187 petitioners consisted of African-American high school and college students who peacefully assembled at the Zion Baptist Church in Columbia, SC in March 1961. The students marched in separate groups of roughly 15 to South Carolina State House grounds to peacefully express their grievances regarding civil rights of African-Americans.


Five movie theaters in Columbia agree to admit one black couple each

Rev. I. DeQuincey Newman announces more demonstrations will be held despite the objections from the “Committee of 85”