February Timeline


Henry McNeal Turner is born in Hannah Circuit near Newberry, SC


African American lawyer, Jonathan Jasper Wright is elected to the South Carolina Supreme Court during Reconstruction


Charlotta Amanda Bass, the first African-American woman to run for national office as the Vice Presidential candidate was born in Sumter, SC


Georgetown, SC native William A. Sinclair, who was born enslaved in 1858 and who later earned a theology degree from Howard University, helps create the NAACP


NAACP lawyers file the lawsuit, Flemming vs. SC Electric & Gas in response to Sarah Mae Flemming being expelled from a bus


John McCray wrote to Mayor Lester Bats requesting improved bus facilities after a visit to the Greyhound station on Blanding Street in Columbia, SC

Allen University & Benedict College students begin to hold rallies to protest school & community (de)segregation


The South Carolina Council on Human Relations Student Council hosts its first student workshop at Allen University

Arrest of student demonstrators force the Greyhound bus terminal in Columbia to serve customers equally


Supreme court rules in Edwards v. SC that civil disobedience is declared a legal act performed by citizens of the state to express grievances


Actor, comedian, and author Chris Rock was born in Andrews, SC


Police officers opened fire during a demonstration on South Carolina State University’s campus in Orangeburg, SC. This event known as the Orangeburg Massacre left 28 students injured and 3 dead


Black Students at the University of South Carolina burned a Confederate flag between the Russell House patio and the main library