June Timeline


Joseph Hayne Rainey was born into slavery in Georgetown, SC. Rainey was the first African American to serve in the United States House of Representatives, the second African American to serve in Congress, the first African American presiding officer of the US House of Representatives


William D. Crum, a South Carolina physician is appointed minister to Liberia


James Roland Clark, M.D., recognized as an expert on sickle cell anemia and one of the founders of the Columbia Area Sickle Cell Anemia Foundation (CASCAF) was born in Columbia, SC


Marian Wright Edelman, the first African-American woman admitted to the Mississippi Bar and founder of the Children Defense Fund was born in Bennettsville, SC


SC District Court ruled in favor of the Clarendon County School board that segregation is inequality


Sarah Mae Flemming, a young African American domestic worker was hit by a Columbia bus driver for sitting in the front and ejected from the bus on the corner of Main and Washington Streets


Rev. I. DeQuincey Newman announces that the NAACP will stage massive demonstrations in eight S.C. cities unless negotiations begin to “solve racial differences”

Mayor Lester Bates announces his belief that there is no need for a bi-racial committee to negotiate integration process in public schools


The Supreme court reverses the convictions of Simon Bouie, Tallmadge Neal and Charles Barr and two others in trespassing cases