November Timeline


The South Carolina General Assembly met in Columbia and names four blacks to the seven-man governing board of the University of South Carolina: Samuel J. Lee, J.A. Bowley, Stephen A. Swails and W.R. Jervey


Richard T. Greener, first Black graduate of Harvard University, is named professor of Metaphysics at the University of South Carolina


Robert B. Elliott is elected Speaker of the lower house of the South Carolina legislature during Reconstruction


South Carolina State College (now known as South Carolina State University) is established


Twenty-nine representatives from SC branches met in the library at Benedict College and founded the South Carolina NAACP State conference of branches


The annual meeting of South Carolina Council on Human Relations is held in the newly desegregated Downtowner Hotel in Columbia


I.S. Leevy Johnson, James Felder, and Herbert Fielding are elected to the S.C. House in the General Assembly, the first African-Americans since 1902

Republican Albert Watson, basing his campaign for Governor on opposition to the civil rights movement and integration, loses to Democrat John West


Juanita Goggins of Rock Hill, SC becomes the first black woman elected to the State Legislature


Reverend Isaiah DeQuincey Newman became the first African-American to be elected to the South Carolina Senate since 1887.


Congressman James Clyburn becomes the first black US Representative elected to office since Reconstruction


South Carolina removed its anti-miscegenation law