September Timeline


Stone Rebellion occurs in South Carolina. It is considered the largest slave rebellion on North American soil that took place prior to the American Revolution


U.S. Army commander in South Carolina ordered Freedmen’s Bureau to stop seizing abandoned land


Anna DeCosta Banks, RN, a pioneer in the nursing profession was born in Charleston, SC


Willis H. Crosby, the first black disk jockey (DJ) in the upstate of South Carolina was born in Anderson County, SC


Mamie “Peanut” Johnson, the only woman to pitch for Negro Major League was born in Ridgeway, SC


Columbia experiences its first protest marches in over a year, as twenty-three blacks are arrested during a demonstration along Main Street. The next day, sixty blacks march along the same street but avoid arrest

Henri Monteith, James Solomon, and Robert Anderson enroll at the University of South Carolina becoming the first African Americans to enroll since Reconstruction

As protest continue in Columbia, the “Committee of 85” adopts a resolution calling on motel, hotel, and theater owners to desegregate


Matthew Perry becomes the first African American federal judge in South Carolina