J. Anthony Brown

You may be familiar with the catch phrase, “Watchoutdehnow!” Or maybe you’ve heard him on your local radio station as the comedic co-host of the Tom Joyner Morning Show. Perhaps you’ve sampled his gourmet hot sauce, or possibly he’s one of your favorite fashion designers. Unmistakable in any role, J. Anthony Brown, for many of his fans, is the quintessential Jack-of-All-Trades who has mastered them all – comedian, designer, writer, actor, artist, and entrepreneur.

The South Carolina native’s list of entertainment credits is indicative of the impact and reach of Brown’s career in show business. He’s hosted two seasons of “Comic View,” performed on “Def Jam,” “Showtime at the Apollo,” and “Evening at the Improv;” written for “The Tom Joyner TV Show,” Steve Harvey’s “Big Time,” “Me and the Boys,” and “The Parent Hood;” and starred in such diverse television shows and films as “Triple X-State of the Union,” “Mr. 3000,” “How to be a Player,” “Dlife-Diabetes Talk Show” on CNBC, “EVE,” “Drumline,” “The Parkers,” “Living Single,” “Martin,” “Moesha,” “The Hughleys,” “Spark,” “Like Family;” and appeared on “Oprah!”

As an entrepreneur, the multi-talented Brown broke through the fashion scene with his signature “The J. Anthony Brown Collection” of classic suits, hats, watches, cuff links and shoes. His unique, gourmet hot sauce line is based on an old family recipe that Brown touts as one having “stood the test of taste and time.” He also owns and operates “The J Spot,” a comedy club and restaurant located in Los Angeles. The venture has proven to be such a success that plans are already in the works to open other franchise locations nationwide. His success mantra, according to Brown: “Don’t turn your back on all things, J. Anthony Brown, because you’ll never know what you’re going to get. “Watchoutdehnow!”