Peggy Dillard-Toone

Born in Greenville, South Carolina, 1956, Peggy Dillard received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in 1977 from Pratt Institute and went on to study music privately with a concentration in piano and voice. Peggy’s has had numerous exhibitions at colleges, galleries, and special events throughout America and the Carribean Is including; Atlanta Fine Art Show, Harlem Fine Art Show, Purdue University, Pratt Institute, Spartanburg Artist Guild. A love art & design earned Peggy a full-scholarship from JE Sirrine Architectural Firm in Greenville, South Carolina to Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY. Peggy Dillard graduated from Pratt Institute with a BFA degree in 1977, along with a her first of three Vogue covers to make way for one of the first 70’s/80’s Super-models. Peggy’s contribution to fashion and beauty industry has not only inspired generation to embrace a love for naturally textured hair, but a love for curvy bodies while advocating for the health and wellness for women of all sizes and ages. Peggy was greatly influenced by her first work with Dentsu Films to the high-fashion editorial covers and runways for most top designers, film, commercials, and voice-overs, over the course of over 40 years . She became young entrepreneur, importing handmade Kabuki brushes and cosmetic accessories in her first brand Trade Secrets to the world market and supplied MAC Makeup, Saks, Macy’s better Pharmacies, before going in to direct marketing. In her second owner/operator up-scale full-service haircare salon, Peggy brought upscale natural haircare services to New York an international clientel at Turning Heads Salons and Day Spa in Harlem. Her mastery of natural black hair styling is a an very artistic way to bring culture, mage consulting, fashion, and design as an image consultant and creative director. Through Blue Leaf International Arts Peggy gives back by advocating and exposes the works of contemporary artist, designers, Gullah Artists and Black Folk Artists, artists and many emerging artists to the international arts arena. While working as a creative director, production designer, and art consultant long with , her fine art evolved into production design to sourcing art to Movies and TV for CBS, ABC, NBC, ETV, Netflix, HBo, PBs, STARZ, amongst the many major film and independent producers. Peggy’s tenacious drive has taught her the value of family, community, and faith, and the need to transition with the time as a multimedia artists. Peggy’s artistic experience and sensibility on both sides of the camera comes together in her interdisciplinary approach to fine art and design. Peggy’s watercolors, print-making, illustrations, and various expressions of architectural design, and photography have been elevated by the use of digital technology while embracing holistic arts and humanism.