May Timeline


The South Carolina Gazette reports that Caesar, a South Carolina slave has been granted his freedom and life time annuity in exchange for his cures for poison and rattlesnake bites


The Denmark Vesey “conspiracy” is uncovered and curtailed by authorities in Charleston, SC


Enslaved ship pilot and future SC politician Robert Smalls liberates 16 slaves by piloting a stolen Confederate Ship called the Planter through enemy territory


Matilda Evans was born in Aiken, SC. Evans moved to Columbia, SC and began her own practice, becoming the first licensed African American female physician in the state


Septima Poinsette Clark, commonly referred to as “The Mother of the Movement” was born in Charleston, SC


James Brown often referred to as “The Godfather of Soul” was born in Barnwell, SC


Over 1000 University of South Carolina students support an anti-integration rally in Columbia by marching to the State House


South Carolina Governor Jim Hodges signs a bill to make Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday an official state holiday. South Carolina is the last state to recognize the day as a holiday